hey all here's a little about what I offer...

Undivided Attention

I'm all ears and all in. I custom-design a step by step process for your project so that you can relax and focus on inspiration and performance. My approach in the studio is flexible: I can take the reins entirely or shift between a collaborative and a fully directed dynamic depending on what's needed. I enjoy empowering artists so I'm happy to explain technical or artistic choices. I keep a steady eye on your timeline, budget and scheduling. 

Skills & Expertise

Any combination of my musical, technical or creative skill set can be tapped and combined for maximum benefit and results. Performance magic is skillfully directed, captured and shaped. My greatest satisfaction is when I hear you say, "I love it!". You might also say that about my excellent coffee.

The Right Environment

Whether in my own studio or utilizing an ally-run space for site specific sessions, I ensure that all creatives experience a welcoming, inclusive and safe work space. I guarantee women, gender diverse and BIPOC artists an atmosphere where they can to rise to their highest potential. Whether you need to stretch on a yoga mat or a smudge or meditation break, I've got you.

Vocal Production Sweet Spot 

Being under the microscope of the microphone while accessing your inner emotional world is a vulnerable place to be. Singers already have a lot going on: believably delivering the lyric; execute phrases in time & in tune; explore nuances on the fly and balance self-assessment with self-love. A respectful dynamic between singer and vocal producer plays a crucial role in work flow and satisfying outcome. From years singing in iso booths myself, mentoring with top producers and hundreds of hours of vocal production experience, I've developed effective strategies to guide you into the sweet spot between feeling totally comfortable and fearlessly leaping into new territory.

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An endorsee of YSL Pro Lisa Patterson is an award-winning music creator and entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada. She has been championing collaboration, inclusion and equity across 4 continents for the past 25 years.  

An obsession with sonic architecture started as a 10-yr-old walking around with a mic and portable tape deck recording farm machinery. Classical piano training began at age 6, taken over by learning pop songs at 12, and then a foray into flute & alto sax study via high school swing band. After completing a 3-yr college music production & engineering program Lisa toured internationally in original bands for 10 years. She left the road to immerse in mentorships with ground-breaking educators Trichy Sankaran, Casey Sokol and David Mott at Toronto's York University. Explorations at York led to reconnecting with family music roots and inspired the writing and releasing of original songs blending Romanian & Scottish influences with contemporary songwriting. 

Freelancing as a producer and engineer in various studios over the years this audio obsessed kid landed in her power in 2005, opening her own studio in Toronto. Lisa brings an expressive acoustic musicianship attitude to electronic cinematic sound design. Writing spirited string & horn arrangements for pop music is a passion and a forte. She's produced albums, EPs & singles for contemporary Roots, Pop, Folk, Indigenous, Jazz and culturally diverse artists including Haitian-Canadian Melissa Laveaux's breakthrough debut album Camphor and Copper for No Format / Universal and Indigenous artist Brenda MacIntyre's #1 charting Reverb Nation album Medicine Song. Between 2000 - 2017 she released 4 original albums and 5 official videos; garnered AAA Top Ten single internationally, Campus & CBC radio charting; sync placements; Rough Trade European distribution; tours and performance collaborations in Europe, India, Mexico and U.S.

Career Highlights

2020 SOCAN Foundation
Master classes with Juno-award winning & Polaris Prize nominated, producer-songwriter Lantz (Jazz Cartier, Charmaine).

2019 Music Publishers Canada
One of five producers selected for inaugural Women In The Studio cohort.

Production Collaborations:
> Lantz
Juno award-winning (Charmaine, Jazz Cartier).

> Michael Phillip Wojewoda
Juno & Polaris Prize winning (Bare Naked Ladies, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Great Big Sea);

> Adam Messinger
Grammy-nominated & Juno award-winning (Magic!, Iggy Azalea, Justin Bieber).

Vocal Production:
> Alysha Brilla 
3X Juno-nominated 

> Calypso Rose WOMEX 2016 Artist of the Year 

> Lillian Allen Juno award-winning Dub Poet icon

> Medicine Song Woman Brenda MacIntyre award-winning Indigenous artist

Songwriting Collabs:
> Esma / sameasme Canada's Music Incubator Prize winner
> Drew Gonsalves Juno-nominated (Kobo Town)
> Aviva Chernick Juno-nominated (Jaffa Road)
> Donne Roberts Juno award-winning (African Guitar Summit) + nominee for solo album 2022

Awaiting Atwood - Indie feature; Director Beth Mairs.
Roadkill - Feature; Director Bruce McDonald.
Tete A Tete - Short; Director Charles Johnston.
H - Feature; Director Darrell Wasyk
Three Sisters On Moon Lake - Indie feature, Director Ingrid Veninger.



SINGLE Cheater - Sloane Duffy

Co-Producer/writer, Recording Engineer


ALBUM Circle - Alysha Brilla
Recording Engineer


SINGLE Inside Every Mistake  - Izzy al jabri 

Producer, Co-writer, Recording & Mix Engineer


SINGLE Space From Each Other - Nova Carver-Cook

Producer, Co-writer, Recording & Mix Engineer


SINGLE De Sur A Norte - Karla Garcia

Producer, String Arranger, Recording & Mix Engineer.


SINGLE Only Love - Andrea Florian 

Producer, String Arranger, Recording Engineer.



ALBUM Camphor & Copper - Melissa Laveaux

Producer, Recording & Mix Engineer

ALBUM The Birth of Sprawl - Rita di Ghent (Urban Jazz). Co-Producer, Assistant Engineer

ALBUM Medicine Song - Medicine Song Woman Brenda MacIntyre 

Producer, Recording & Mix Engineer

ALBUM Truths - Andrea Florian
Producer, Recording & Mix Engineer.

ALBUM Second Palla - Toronto Tabla Ensemble 

Assistant Engineer.


ALBUM Lumina (2013) Independent
SINGLES Dulce Dolor; Silver Lining; Hymn To Her.
Co-Producer, Assist Engineer.

Co-Produced,Recorded & Mixed by Michael Phillip Wojewoda

ALBUM Points of Departure (2008) Phd Canada distribution
Producer, Recording & Mix Engineer

ALBUM Roam (2005)
Rough Trade Records (Europe).
Festival Distribution (Canada).
SINGLES Need Each Other; Say Goodbye.
Co-Producer, Arranger.

Co-Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Adam Messinger

ALBUM This Is What It Sounds Like (2000) Independent.
Producer, String Arranger.

Recorded & Mixed by Nick Blagona

Can't Stand By (2017)
The Colour Of Blood (2016)
Whole World (2013)
Aphrodite (2004)
This Time (2002)